Société de Transport de Montréal: Division 54 - Anjou

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STM: Anjou Division serves the transit mainly to:

  • Anjou
  • Montréal-Est
  • Montréal-Nord
  • Pointe-Aux-Trembles
  • Rivière-des-Prairies

The Anjou division is located in the Anjou Industrial park, more specifically at 8150 Larrey.


In the 1980s, the CTCUM was going through a very important growth. With 2,000 buses in their fleet, and demands for expansion to the areas of Pointe-Aux-Trembles/Montreal-Est and Anjou. The decision was made to build a new garage in the growing industrial park of Anjou.

The construction of the garage started in August 1981 on a land measuring 190 meters long and 325 meters wide. Construction was confided in the Pisapia construction firm. Total cost of the project was $12,190,000. The building would have room to contain 275 buses and would become the 9th division and 12th garage of the CTCUM.

Construction of the Anjou garage ended on the 16th of December 1982, just in time for the new schedules that were to start in January of 1983. The garage gained the following as staff for the first day of service of the garage; 1 superintendent, 16 inspectors, 15 mechanics, 3 security agents, 1 chief CO and 427 drivers. The first day of service was on January 3rd 1983.

The first driver to take out a bus of the garage was M. André Laprise using 17-108, a 1975 GM New Look. The garage continued providing service until its official inauguration on April 15th, 1983.

The garage celebrated their 25th anniversary on 15th April, 2008.

Bus Fleet

  • Oldest Bus: 22-202
  • Newest Bus: 31-235

Anjou was the first division to receive buses to meet EPA 2010 standards, buses 30-095 to 30-230 currently run with Anjou.

Current Routes

# Route Name
Releif Point
Point de Relève
26 Mercier-Est Station Radisson
28 Honoré-Beaugrand Garage Anjou
33 Langelier Langelier/Bombardier
39 Des Grandes Prairies L-G Forget/Larrey
40 Henri-Bourassa Est L-G Forget/Henri-Bourassa
43 Monselet Maurice-Duplessis/Armand-Bombardier
44 Armand-Bombardier L-G Forget/Larrey
48 Perras Perras/Armand-Bombardier
48X Gouin/Perras Perras/Armand-Bombardier
49 Maurice-Duplessis Maurice-Duplessis/Armand-Bombardier
86 Pointe-Aux-Trembles Maurice-Duplessis/Rivière-Des-Prairies
  • Short run abolished.
141 Jean-Talon Est Roi-René/Châteauneuf
183 Gouin Est Maurice-Duplessis/Rivière-Des-Prairies
186 Sherbrooke Est Station Honoré-Beaugrand
187 René-Lévesque Station Honoré-Beaugrand
188 Couture Couture/Langelier
189 Notre-Dame Station Honoré-Beaugrand
192 Robert Garage Anjou
193 Jarry Jarry/Galeries D'Anjou
353 Lacordaire/Maurice-Duplessis No Releve
  • Night Bus
362 Hochelaga/Notre-Dame No Releve
  • Night Bus
364 Sherbrooke/Joseph-Renaud No Releve
  • Night Bus
372 Jean-Talon No Releve
  • Night Bus
380 Henri-Bourassa No Releve
  • Night Bus
444 Express CÉGEP Marie-Victorin Station Radisson
448 Express Maurice-Duplessis Maurice-Duplessis/Armand-Bombardier
449 Express Rivière-Des-Prairies Perras/Armand-Bombardier
469 Express Henri-Bourassa Lacordaire/Henri-Bourassa
486 Express Sherbrooke Station Honoré-Beaugrand
487 Express Bout-De-L'Île Station Honoré-Beaugrand

Former Routes

Route Number Route Name Releve Point Remarks
20 Châteauneuf Station Honoré-Beaugrand
41 Rivière-Des-Prairies Maurice-Duplessis/Armand-Bombardier
42 Gouin Est Rivière-Des-Prairies/Maurice-Duplessis
87 Marien Maurice-Duplessis/Rivière-Des-Prairies
89 Gouin/Perras Perras/Armand-Bombardier Ended January 2, 2011
81 Broadway
255 Minibus Gouin/Notre-Dame Maurice-Duplessis/Rivière-Des-Prairies

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