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NOVABUS logo.jpg
Headquarters 1000 Industriel Blvd
St-Eustache, Quebec

Nova Bus is a bus manufacturer based in St-Eustache, Québec.


Nova Bus which is a division of Volvo Buses, was created when Motor Coach Industries (MCI) stopped producing transit buses in 1993. The production of the Classic continued with Nova Bus, as well as the RTS that had been produced by Transportation Manufacturing Corporation, the US division of MCI, from 1987 to 1993.

The very last Classic was produced by Nova Bus in 1997, and the last RTS in 2003.

The US plants of Nova Bus in Roswell, New Mexico and Schenectady, New York were closed in 2003 due to the poor sales in the US. The US plants we're only used for the production of the RTS, from 1996 to 2003. Though, in February 2008, Nova Bus officially announced its intentions to open a new plant in Plattsburgh, New York. The new plant officially opened on June 15th, 2009.


Nova Bus is now counting on 3 plants, 2 in the province of Quebec, and the other in Plattsburgh, New York.

  • Saint-François-du-Lac: That's where the structures of the LFS are manufactured, as well as others various parts.
  • Saint-Eustache: Main plant where the complete assembly of the LFS is done. It's also the Headquarters of Nova Bus.
  • Plattsburgh: The complete assembly of the LFS destinated to USA customers is done there. Though, some Canadian Buses could also be produced there.

Current Products

The current products offered by Nova Bus are only Low Floor buses.

LFS LFS Suburban
TRANSDEV-358217.jpg Low floor bus which is wheelchair accessible, equipped with a diesel engine. (1995 to present) TRANSDEV-3011303.jpg Version of the LFS designed for suburban routes, with luggage racks, suburban seating, air conditionning system, and 1 door.(2005 to present)
Regular LFS bus designed for shuttle services, mostly airports, with luggage racks. (2005 to present) CMBC-V9495.jpg 40 foot low floor bus diesel-electric hybrid bus. (2006 to present)
MTANY-1244.jpg 62 foot low floor articulated bus, based on the regular LFS. (2007 to present) 40 foot low floor bus with a BRT Styling. (2010 to present)
WEGO-5201.jpg Articulated version of the LFS with a BRT styling. (2008 to present) 40 foot low floor bus with Compressed Natural Gas. (2013 to present)
Articulated version of the LFS HEV. (2010 to present)

LFS Generations

1st generation (1995-2000) 2nd generation (2000-2009) 3rd generation (2009-2013) 4th generation (2013-Present)
STM 16-109.jpg TRANSDEV-358217.jpg TRANSDEV-391211.jpg TRANSDEV-3030334.jpg
2nd generation HEV (2007-2009) 3rd generation HEV (2009-2013) 4th generation HEV (2013-Present) Artic (2009-Present)
STM 28-704.JPG CMBC-V9505.jpg STM-33999.jpg RTC-1259.jpg
CNG (2013-Present) Full-Electric (in development)

Past Products

RTS (1993-2003) Classic (1993-1997)
TRANSDEV-607309.jpg High floor bus which is wheelchair accessible, equipped with a diesel engine. (1995 to 2002) STM 15-052.jpg High floor bus developped by General Motor Diesel Division as a successor to the New-Look and as an alternative to the RTS. It was replaced by a new low floor model, the LFS.