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montrealmetrologo.png Montreal Metro Station
Station Information
Borough Sud-Ouest
City Montréal
Inaugurated 3 September 1978
Line Green Line
Architect Jean-Louis Beaulieu
Platform Depth 4.3 metres
Rank 68th deepest (tie)
Traffic 4,520,864 entrances in 2006
Rank 16th busiest
Interstation Distance 844.29 metres to Monk
Address of Entrances 3500, boul. des Trinitaires
Nearby Main Intersections Boulevard des Trinitaires / Avenue Irwin

Angrignon station is the western terminus of the green line of the Montreal Metro and serves as a bus terminal for bus routes from various operators.


Jean-Baptiste Arthur Angrignon was an alderman for the district of St-Paul and an executive committee member for the city of Montreal. Jean Baptiste Angrignon oversaw the creation of Angrignon Park, which was named after him in 1927. The land where the station is located, once belonged to the Crawford family.

Angrignon Metro was built with windows showing off the tracks and platforms. This design created a nice flow of Natural light into the station. Jean-Louis Beaulieu, the architect received an award from the Ordre des Architectes du Québec, for the design of the station.


Angrignon metro serves as the western terminus of the green line. This station also houses the AMT Angrignon terminus for the South-West bus routes, with different destination to the South Shore, Lachine and West Island. In total 4 bus bays are available, with 1 reserved for suburban commuter bus companies (CIT Roussillon, CITSO, CITHSL to the South Shore and the other 3 are used by the STM)

This station is located in Le Sud-Ouest borough of Montreal on the corner of Des Trinitaires Boulevard and Irwin Avenue.

Thumbnail Name Address
Bus Terminal 3500, boul. des Trinitaires

Train Schedule

Towards Honoré-Beaugrand
First Last
Weekdays 5:30 0:35
Saturday 5:30 1:05
Sunday 5:30 0:35

Connecting Bus Routes

All connecting routes use the Angrignon Terminus where the passengers can board the buses to different areas of Montréal and the south shore.

Nearby Attraction

  • Carrefour Angrignon
  • Parc Angrignon
  • Angrignon Zoo

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